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Founded in 2006, the RugGear range of products were developed without compromise, with ruggedness and durability at the core of their design. Maybe you’re a miner, a construction worker, a truckie, a weekend adventurer or simply looking for a rugged phone that will take a beating, RugGear products are built to survive the rigours of your life and won’t let you down.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged phone that will just let you send or receive calls and text messages, or a fully featured rugged Android smartphone with access to 450,000 apps as capable as any other smartphone on the market, we have the product for you.

All our phones are unlocked and operate on all the major networks within Australia and New Zealand. Importantly, our phones are fully and independently certified to meet Australian standards.

Finally phones that can truly handle the real world…waterproof, shockproof, dust proof, life proof! All the smart features you’ve come to expect but designed to survive! Don’t trade up to a toy; toughen up to RugGear!

Work tough and play smart with RugGear!”


  • RG930

    3G Waterproof Rugged
    Mobile Phone

    $399 incl GST
    ($362.73 + GST)

  • RG220


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  • RG730

    5″ smartphone
    Suitable for any network



  • Satelitte

    Bluetooth enabled
    sound quality

    $69.95 incl GST
    ($62.95 + GST)

A tough phone today is an essential piece of equipment for everyone, whether you are looking for a Tradesman phone, Mining phone, Construction phone or waterproof phone, RugGear tough mobile phones are arguably tougher than any other tough rugged phone in the market. With a dual SIM phone you have the convenience of being able to make and receive calls from both your private and work numbers on the same tough phone handset. Only a dual SIM phone can offer this convenience. With a RugGear dual SIM smartphone you have more flexibility and toughness than any other tradesman phone on the market, Our rugged mobile phones suit band 28, giving you a rugged waterproof tradesman phone what has all the smart features you have come to expect, but waterproof and rugged enough to take all the punishment your day brings. These ultra rugged tough waterproof phones are the ultimate tradies friend.

The waterproof and shockproof phone is simply indispensable for workers in a wide range of industries: transportation, logistics, construction, security, cash, courier, postal and emergency services. Mobility, strength and protection – key criteria for selecting a mobile device for staff in these areas. Our online store is the only place where you can buy the high-quality secure range of RugGear telephones. RugGear – a stylish and functional mobile phone and, at the same time, a heavy-duty device that will not fail. All our waterproof tough phones are built and tested to IP68 standards. RugGear Tough Dual Sim Phones are protected by international classification IP68, which is the maximum degree of protection possible for the enclosure to being dust proof and waterproof. A high-strength body, reinforced glass screen and the presence of hermetic seals under the battery cover provide the ultimate resistance to moisture, dust and other particles. RugGear is a real waterproof phone – not just splash proof. These distinctive features, waterproof and shockproof phone, the RugGear stands out as the toughest phone on the market whether you are a Tradesman, Mining, Construction worker or just someone looking for a rugged tough smartphone that will survive your life.